Your Uber is arriving now…

During the couple weeks of downtime I had when I first moved to San Francisco, I had some chances to recharge and drink coffee with people I admire to hear their thoughts on what I should do next. (Highly recommend doing this if you can, by the way — I can tell you which coffee shops have the fastest wi-fi). I heard one piece of advice over and over again: “Join a rocketship with an exceptional technology-driven culture and people you believe in — everything else sorts itself out”. 

I feel really fortunate that I was able to find that at Uber and the team I met there — I’ll be joining soon to do Product on their Growth team. As successful as the company has been over the past few years, I really believe it’s still only the beginning. I’m fired up.

New city, new adventure

Some big news: After almost four years at Trunk Club, I’m stepping back from my full time role so that my fiancé and I can move out west to the Bay Area. We’ve been excited about tackling a new adventure together for a long time and have always loved San Francisco and the peninsula — now felt like the right time to make the jump.

All that said, it was really hard to leave a team and company I’ve identified with for so long. Trunk Club is on a rocketship trajectory and the team gets stronger every single day — I can’t wait to watch the next milestones fall one by one. Being a small part of helping to grow the company from four or five people up to where it is now is an experience I’ll never be able to put into words, much less forget. I’m so proud that I got to learn from mentors like Rob and Brian and even more proud to have made some lifelong friends along the way. 

Our technology team (now 25 people and growing) is building software that’s changing service experiences more than many people realize — our customers are noticing though. I’m humbled by how much I’ve learned from working with that group. I’m hoping they let me keep my Slack login so I can crash the GIF action from time to time.

So what’s next? I’m not sure yet, but I’ve never been great at taking time off either. I’m hungry to help build great software that solves important problems and learn from my teammates every day. There’s amazing technology being created around here and I’m excited to join another exceptional team.

Just added a new page to this site over the holidays — Featured Posts — to make it easier to find some of the less recent content. Excited to keep writing in 2014! Learning more than ever these days.